Who we are...

We are a group of women from varying backgrounds, work and life experiences, who practise the Esoteric Breast Massage. We are the women behind this website, responsible for its content and for the quality and integrity of all aspects of what it represents.

We are independent practitioners who have been trained in accordance with the EBM standards and guidelines and have met the required standards for the internally administered EBM Training program. We each operate our own clinics and businesses independently.

What unites us is a common understanding that the issues affecting women worldwide are reaching a point of crisis. 


The FBC website, the EBM modality and EBM practitioners are dedicated to offering a way forward that encompasses:


  • Understanding that our choices impact every aspect of health and well-being and hence therefore also our breast health.

  • Empowering every woman to know that her own answers are within.

  • Supporting women to reconnect with this innate knowing through the
    connection and relationship she has with herself and her body.


  • The opportunity to be inspired by women who have committed to developing this relationship with themselves, knowing that through this, an opportunity is offered to another woman to restore the same connection with herself.

Through this foundation we are offering an empowering framework from which a woman can begin to understand and make choices that start to turn the tide on the current ill trends.


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DISCLAIMER:  The material on this website is based upon the principles of The Ageless Wisdom which offers an energetic understanding of life. Any references to science are references to energetic science as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, and not to evidence-based science in mankind’s modern era. Any references to specific aspects of Medicine are to illustrate the relevance of energetic wisdom, as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, in the interplay of bodily illness and disease rather than contradicting the current theories of disease causation or in any way to replace epidemiology. The principles conveyed on this website are philosophical and religious, and thus are not verified within the evidence-based rationales and critical appraisal process of evidence-based science including CONSORT2010 compliant double blind randomised controlled trials. The presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do not diagnose, treat, prevent or offer any therapeutic cure to any disease or illness; they are complementary-to-medicine and never a replacement of or alternative to conventional medicine. If you have any question or concern about the cause, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or illness, you should consult a registered medical practitioner.