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Foundational Breast Care . . .

This site is offering women a different way of understanding and perceiving ourselves and our bodies. Based on our own experiences we understand that developing a deeper and more caring relationship with our breasts specifically, and our bodies in general, positively impacts our emotional well-being and ultimately goes deeper than that.

Amongst women, breasts may not be spoken about much in daily conversation or rarely in a positive manner, but nevertheless our breasts and how we feel about them do hold an underlying importance for many if not most women. How women feel about themselves should be seen as important. For instance, we are seeing an unprecedented rise in breast augmentation surgery (with all its attendant risks) in affluent western societies and often amongst very young women. This procedure was virtually unknown before the 1960’s but now is increasingly common – what does that mean exactly for us as women and our inner-sense of well-being?

On the other hand, we can easily observe that we have an epidemic of breast cancer in our societies today, so much so that once we reach a certain age, it would be hard to find a woman who has not known someone amongst her circle of family and friends with breast cancer. Yes, treatment options are ever more effective and more women survive the disease, but are we digging deep enough on this topic? or have we accepted this as a new (but unfortunate) normal for women? The World Health Organisation has stated that a very large proportion of Non-Communicable Diseases are caused by lifestyle. That means that the diseases the WHO is referring to are preventable  Could it be that the way we live, affects how we feel? 


Whether we approach it from the perspective of what is needed for our physical health or from what is supportive for our emotional and mental well-being, the subject of ‘Breast Care’ has never been more prevalent.
Breast Care as commonly practised today is mostly about disease prevention, a monthly self-breast check or alternatively, a post-diagnosis care plan that is applied after the result of finding out that there is something wrong. Whilst both have merit and place in our current times, we at Foundational Breast Care offer a whole new approach to breast care that redefines the standards of how women can feel about, relate to and treat their breasts and consequently what they consider to be supportive for breast health. We offer ‘Education to Empower Women’ on what it is to ‘care’ for our breasts in the growing understanding that they are important aspects of our womanliness.
"Overall the Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to grow into the woman I’ve always wanted to be, to build a relationship with myself where I actually value myself and supported me to drop old behaviours and patterns that I’ve been wanting to drop for years but could never sustain in the past.  "
Fiona, Australia
Why should we talk about Breast Care?

Why Breast Care is important...

In the modern world of women today we have the unprecedented opportunity to change and remodel our bodies as never before. So many of us are taking this opportunity with all kinds of plastic surgery from the minimal to the very extreme, to our faces, our breasts, our buttocks, our labia and virtually any other area of our bodies you care to think of.   ​
The women we see in the media have a glamorous but unremarkable sameness about them and there is barely a wrinkle to be seen. We have modern day female heroes portrayed in our films and TV series as hard, muscular, sexy, big lipped, gun-toting and ultimately semi-masculine role models for our young women to emulate. The importance of image has never been so compelling. Is it any surprise that there is a growing discontent and lack of acceptance  amongst women about the shape and size of their bodies? 
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