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Self-Care: The missing ingredient in well-being

It’s worth taking some time to talk about self-care and here’s why ...

Self-care is much more than we have been led to believe. It is more than just a healthy lifestyle, more than exercising regularly and is much more than pampering yourself. Some time looking at the true meaning of self-care, will quickly reveal how it is the missing ingredient in the search for vitality, health and well-being.

Self-care is the beginning of a pathway to developing a connection with yourself, a connection that is always deepening, and provides a foundation for knowing who you are, and what your purpose is in life.

These are big claims! But let’s face it, most of the world has been asking the age old questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” for as long as history can remember.  Through true self-care a connection with ourselves is built and nurtured, and this connection provides a knowing of who we are, and from there what our purpose is in life.

Most would say that they are aware there is something more to life than just their physical body, that there is a Soul, or God, or perhaps a higher being. For some this might be searched for through religion, or spiritual endeavours. Some may dedicate themselves perhaps to charity work knowing that there is a greater purpose in their lives than just themselves.  

Whatever the pathway, there is a common factor that there is more to life than only our physical bodies, and whatever that ‘more’ is – it is super important, and an essential ingredient of our well-being.

Self-care as most know it today, is seemingly all about the body. It is about exercising, grooming, eating well and being healthy in general. Traditionally, most people have focused on caring for their bodies, which is of course extremely important, but there is another important dimension to self-care.

Self-care is an ever-deepening awareness of how we can look after ourselves in a way that nurtures our whole being.

With true self-care we have an opportunity to transform our lives, and how we feel about ourselves

Truth be known, self-care is about building a body that is not only physically healthy, but that can enhouse the soul that resides within.

For some the word soul may be a stretch, but you can think of it as building a body that enhouses the truest part of us – our essence. Each of us does have an essence, and through connection with that essence, we know who we are.

Connection with your essence can only happen through your body, and so in caring for your body, in whatever way is most loving and supportive for you, you care for who you really are, and allow that presence, or indeed your soul, to be there with you in each moment of your day.

Through self-care, over time anyone can develop a way of being that is lived in connection to his or her essence. This way of living brings a fullness to life that is truly extraordinary, and so it is most certainly worthwhile to incorporate self-care into our lives, and it is time we all made a fuss about true self-care, a self-care that is honouring of all aspects of our lives and reflects the desire for a life well lived.

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