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The Esoteric Breast Massage - A Sacred Therapy for Women

As a child of the sixties and seventies growing up in France I was a witness to a society that saw women not living the depth and the fullness of who they truly were. What I observed around me were women who generally didn’t work outside the home, were over burdened by their daily activities, emotions and thoughts, and disconnected from their essential being. Even then, the very sensitive little girl that I was had the perception that there was something that was not right in the way that women lived.

With my mother, emotions in the house were flying high, nerves were often frayed, angry and bitter words were thrown, not necessarily directed to us but nevertheless expressed and filling the atmosphere. I remember being really impacted by her constant state of irritation. It made me and my brother feel unsettled and of course anxious. There was no doubt that we were loved and we were actually everything to her ­– her pride and joy, the apple of her eye – but her continuous state of overwhelm made us feel like we were living in constant nervous tension that was draining.

This seemed to be the case for all the adult women around me and, deep down, something was telling me that the female body was running on a fuel that was not true, something that was poisoning the otherwise pure womanly emanation that I intuited was present deep inside. It was as if women were living outside of themselves and out of their body which was reduced to a kind of restless machine whose role was only to function and perform all the activities of the day.

Not only was the body not truly cared for (if not neglected) but it seemed to be an impediment as if we had to suffer it without enjoying it and without feeling it as the sacred vehicle it truly is.

The female body was here to serve the process of procreation and transmission of one generation to the next and not much else, and illness and disease was an obstacle, a nuisance that was obstructing the momentum of hard push and disregard that was rampant.

The sixties saw the arrival of a new oral contraceptive, the Pill, which was perceived as a revolution, a liberation and a progress that was going to free women up of undesired childbirth, making them believe that they were ‘in charge’ of their bodies. We now know what an untruth that was at physiological and energetic levels, and experts in this field have alerted us against the harm of this contraceptive method in further disconnecting women from their bodies – see the beautiful work of Sara Harris and ‘Follow Your Flow’ where she provides in-depth information about all things to do with a woman’s cycle and the impact the Pill can have on her body.

The fact is that no revolution whether religious, political, societal or sexual is ever going to truly empower us women. True might is within, and the more connected to our body we are as women, the more powerful we are.

Our body is a powerful communicator, its wisdom is immense and when we deeply embody it, un-encumbered by the assaults of the outside pressures that are only here to destabilise us, our body communicates the stillness that the world is craving for. Our bodies then become an instrument of service.

I discovered this for myself in 2014, when I experienced my first Esoteric Breast Massage session, which is a deeply honouring modality for a woman’s body. This session was a consciousness breaker. My female practitioner was very honouring, nurturing, tender and delicate and I had the deep feeling that I was connecting to something profound going to the core and essence of my being, something so pure, pristine, sacred and precious that touched me beyond words.

But there was more.

As I lay there feeling nevertheless a bit vulnerable, I was surprised to be aware of a heaviness and denseness around me, a thick consciousness around women’s compression that has been with us for eons.

The forces of compression through cultures and religions have been at work since time immemorial, making sure that women keep silent, hold back their sensitivity, shut down their sacredness so they are kept on the merry-go-round of eternal restlessness and are robbed and disconnected from their true worth.

I knew at this moment that the EBM modality had the power to dismantle this consciousness, and session after session I worked through it, facing the impositions (demands, expectations, ideals) that we have not only been the recipients of, but that we have somehow, and mostly for security reasons, adhered to over the ages. An amazing journey of deconstruction, decomposition and release of a state of being that doesn’t belong anymore.

I noticed that even if I didn’t adhere anymore to the religion that was imposed on me at birth, and the Catholic religion was very present in my family and permeated the details of everyday life, it became apparent that its beliefs were still trying to exercise their hold on me.

Under religious dominance women were supposed to stay in their place, be nice, good, dutiful, reserved and withdrawn. This was very interesting to observe and the ideology’s grip felt very crushing.

In the consciousness of religion, breasts are tainted with shame and sin as they are an object of sexual desire as well as a tool to feed babies. Having a healing modality that was breaking up the age-old consciousness around breasts, allowed me to experience a kind of liberation.

This was for me a brand new way of understanding and appreciating our breasts, as power and sacredness centres. This was revealed to me and that felt completely freeing.

Under the religious consciousness women were not supposed to properly exist let alone claim themselves and I also remember a moment during an EBM session when a message, that I interpreted as coming from my soul, came to me saying ‘don’t apologise for who you are’. The thing is that as women we are not sinners – we are sacred and we hold in our bodies universal magnificence.

The EBM modality is truly empowering and can be qualified as divine in that it assists us women to reconnect to our essence, the love and the power that we are immensely so, and live that essence in our everyday life. A true liberation for women.

By Maryline Decompoix


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